I can bring a wealth of knowledge in design, development, deployment, delivery and support.  I hold the necessary skills to engineer, invent and integrate technologies like:

IoT, LTE / 5G cellular, digital signage, LED video arrays, retail marketing & analytics systems, sensor technologies, MDM, remote NOC & telemetry, cloud-based hosting, advanced network architecture, infrastructure security, high density WiFi, kiosks, solar tech, EV DC-fast charging, unified communications, SD-WAN, data science and collection, iOS/Android development, SoC, video streaming, DSP audio, theatrical subsystems, social & location layer services, digital transformation, tech optimization, PC architecture, QAM, MoCA, fiber connectivity, P2P / P2MP microwave transmission, satellite uplink/downlink, intelligent lighting, wearables, surveillance and security, mobility, on-vehicle, projection, power subsystems, machine vision, AI, machine learning, automation, autonomy, and robotics.

If you want to land on the moon, I'd help get us there...


I'm headquartered in one of the largest, most competitive, cities in the world. I love my east coast compadres. That said, I can travel to wherever you are, and often combine that with video conferencing and telecommuting. The people I've worked with are everywhere and anywhere. The world is an exciting place, and I'm not afraid to come see your corner of it! If you're in the northeast corridor...Oh! Fugetaboutit!


Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, which is why engaging with me is easy.  Click the button, send me a message, I get in touch.  It's that easy!

I usually like to have a video call to discuss your opportunity and see if I can add any value to your team or project.  If I can, I'll typically engage for a flat fee and give you a quote that details out inclusions, exclusions, hourly rates, etc.  The most important thing to me is that you know what you're getting with me, for how much, and what the deliverables are.

While I believe that "done" is better than perfect, I realize things go wrong.  I'm never going to deliver perfection, I'm going to deliver a response; a promise in how I'll respond to the problems, and attack them in a way that brings a solution.  I want you to feel good about what we've done together.


Since children, we were promised a future where technology was going to make things easier. So many professionals make technology too complicated, totally insecure, or treat it as a toy meant for children. Few things have been built with purpose, and architected for the average user. I see a future where people return to real life. A reality that is more hassle-free and enabled by strong technology. I'm driven by my inner child, and want to produce something that's innocent, fun and full of possibilities...not problems.

Together we can return to that innocence, and change the world. We can make the world a better place. It could be fun again! The right consultant should be someone you want to have a beer with afterward. Someone you trust and enjoy working with. Let me help, I promise you'll gain a friend in the process.


Technology wasn't always like it is today.  There was a time when technology was accessible and fun.  Technology brought out the best in human nature both in efficiency and as a culture.  Computers brought a childish joy to those who first used them.

Today this joy is crushed by overwhelming complication and deceitful business practices.  What once was simple and pure; a tool for the mind, is now complex and inaccessible.  Do you agree?

I feel that technology can be brought back to an innocence.  Together, we can build something insanely great.  Technology doesn't need to be complicated or overwhelming.  The things I've been involved with are simple, elegant and designed to give you exactly what you'd expect.  The teams I build are the same.

My promise is that I'll deliver a partnership you can trust.  I'll be by your side the whole way.  I'll be your confidant; a trusted friend in your business.  The engineering I bring is scalable, and leaves behind lasting changes that aren't dependent on my involvement, ongoing.

A promise is something sacred, as is the trust you place one.  I aim to gain your trust, by earning it, because that's the way it should be.