Are You Serious?

A little. I realize marketing myself as a technology shaman is a bit "tongue-in-cheek". It's meant to be. I want to be memorable, but not narcissistic. I want to be inspiring, but not cheesy.  I want to convey originality and my persona, without having to tell you everything about myself.  I've been called a guru, an expert, a confidant and a leader. All things that get lost in a sea of data mining and keywords.

The word "shaman" is unique. It sparks curiosity and the essence of what I'm trying to convey. I look at technology as a lifestyle.  It requires a type of spiritual guidance; a tribal chief who can navigate its complexities. This is exactly why I brand myself as such; a technology shaman, guiding his tribe.

What Drives Me?

I was born and raised in northern NJ. Having grown up in the NY area, and one of the most competitive marketplaces on Earth, I’ve learned that your reputation and self-awareness is one of the most powerful assets you can possess. I’ve worked in technology as a field engineer, design engineer and management executive for over 20 years.  I've been a part of 3 startups that have all gone to $50 million+.  I've also laid witness to taking one company public.

My work is who I am. My sole driver is to leave a legacy of success and style behind. My teams are what drive me. For me, done is better than perfect. Craftsmanship, camaraderie, and communication are all that matter. I strive to be the best possible leader I can be. I live by the principles of essentialism and enjoy helping people. Anyone who's worked along side me will tell you I'm obsessed with making sure they are left a better person.  I sincerely try to take things that are good and make them insanely great if possible.

What's My Mission?

My real passion is building teams and distilling the essence out of technology, scaling it to it's limits.  While most people are looking to create complex and superficial things, I'm looking for the transformative moments. The difference between a master plumber, and the team who created modern plumbing.  The difference between Bill Gates and Xerox PARC.

It's my belief that if you're a master carpenter, you can create beautiful cabinetry with the best tools, or the simplest of tools.  If you're a grand musician you can create beautiful music with inexpensive instruments as well as artisan ones.  I believe you don't need overly expensive or complicated tech to do amazing things!  You also don't need overly ornate processes or organizations to deliver them.

Killer leadership, deep skill and a delicate balance can result in perfection through simplicity.

Who Are You, Personally?

Hopefully a funny and memorable guy.  Thanks for asking!

In addition to electronics and networking, I enjoy music, carpentry, mechanics and photography!  I love to read self-help type books.  I'm striving to be a modern renaissance man.  Someone people admire and respect, without having to ask for it.  I want to earn friendship and enjoy what life has to offer.  I strive for the inner viking and shaman I know I can be.

Who Inspires You?

People like Simon Sinek, Merlin Mann, Mike Rowe, Steve Jobs, John Legere, Howard Stern, Kevin Mitnick, and Martin Scorsese .  People who are revered for disrupting the status quo, and questioning the human experience.  I'm obsessed with people who know how to tell stories, change the world and infect the hearts and minds of general society.  Whether it's through music, film, book or telegraph, I look to the "trouble makers" and "misfits".  I question my own motivations, to keep myself young...in mind and body.

Can You Help Me?

Absolutely! I'm always looking for new connections, opportunities and use-cases I can apply myself to.  If you're interested in working with me, or having me help with your project / company, see my consultancy page.  It has more info on what I can help with, and will get you in touch with me, personally.

I appreciate you visiting me and reading more about my philosophy on work and life.  Together I know we can accomplish really great things!