Coming Soon – FITFO Podcast

A cross-generational clash on The #FITFO podcast 🎤 …

Bryan Verduzco confers with the self-proclaimed “Technology Shaman” Tom Roberto, a seasoned technologist who came of age along with the personal computer revolution, and proudly identifies with the pragmatic Xennial generation.

These two digital-age fathers engage in a lively generational debate. Roberto and Verduzco discuss how they approach technology differently as parents and business leaders. They trade perspectives on screen time rules, social media usage, and tech’s impact on interpersonal relationships.

Both share provocative opinions about how AI is reshaping culture and values, at work and in the home. Neither holds back in this freewheeling cross-generational discussion.

Will Verduzco challenge the “Shaman” on whether he still has his finger on the digital pulse? Or will Roberto school #FITFO on the iGeneration?

Find common ground across the generational divide on the #FITFO podcast, dropping early February.

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