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The word "shaman" is unique. It sparks curiosity and style. Tech requires a type of spiritual guidance; a tribal chief. I'm here to guide my tribe.
  • Life is about choices and connections. You can’t plan for these moments. They happen organically. If given the choice, push yourself to get outside of your comfort zone. You’ll never know when or where that pivotal moment will be. It might just be with the person sitting alone…
  • Stop competing, start creating. Originality is your superpower, embrace it and watch your uniqueness shine brighter than any competition ever could. 🌟 #BeOriginal #CreateNotCompete #TechShaman #DetailsMatter
  • Never lose your ability to imagine and explore, as a child does, without fear and without plans. Sometimes just doing things and using raw creativity gets you results you couldn’t have planned for. Going from A to B is not the same as going wherever you can get. You’ll usually find you can get a lot further without the strings…
  • Just had my morning coffee and not afraid to dig my hands into the sludge! ☕️💼 Why do I work so hard? Well, because most people seem to have a PhD in the art of procrastination! 😜 Here’s to outworking the competition one productive day at a time. #WorkHard #StayHungry #DontBeAPiker
  • Talk is cheap! 🤥 If you’re dealing with the
genuine article, you’ll know. So many executives think they can trade on their past successes. Differentiation is about BEING different. Look for the colorful, spicy and fun. No one likes tapioca businesses, or people. #BeDifferent #RefuseBeingMarginalized #PartnerWithGreatness
  • Your systems suck! 😷 That’s the reality if your business moves slow, or is totally reliant on APIs  for its efficiency. Today’s marketplace is filled with educated consumers. 🧐 If you don’t have someone focused on UX and the human experience, just as much as software automation, chances are you’re about to lose in a very big way. The early 2000s are gone. Big rows of developers and massively funded businesses are losing. 😨 It’s because the consumer’s voice has shifted. AI is being utilized 10-fold at home vs at enterprise. Rethink strategy and involve an expert. Agility is worth its weight in gold right now.
  • Authenticity breeds success 🌟 Genuine people magnetize genuine opportunities. Stay true to yourself and watch the magic unfold ✨ Know that success that’s built on everything else always falters. It just takes time and pressure. #Authenticity #Success #GenuineConnections #SocialWealth
  • Want to hear me bare all my opinions on leadership, technology for my kid, and where AI is going to take us? Listen to me on the #FITFO podcast with @bduzco. Trying to spread good advice for parents and business owners.
  • Are you a doer or a talker? Let’s face it, talk is cheap! 💸 It’s the ones who roll up their sleeves and make things happen that truly inspire. 💪🏼 Don’t just talk about it, BE about it! Never settle for people who are full of BS! 🔥 #ActionSpeaksLouder #GetItDone #DoersVsTalkers 🚀
  • Don’t be a cancer. Let your purpose drive momentum in your business, and life. Don’t let anyone convince you growth is needed just for the sake of growth. You grow because you’re thriving and have a purpose. There’s no alternative.
  • This simple trick will transform a burdened business into a thriving one! 💼🚀

You could raise and grow all your food. But you’d be ignoring thousands of years of progress and evolution. This is the same in business. 

You could perform every necessary service and function internally, but you’d be ignoring what you’ve set out to do in the first place. 🤯

Embracing partnerships and outsourcing non-value additive functions allows your team to focus on what they’re good at. 👌🏼 It’s like giving a caveman a supermarket! They’ll thrive and explode in success. 💰

To be successful you must apply strategic partnerships to your business and teams. It’s responsible and sustainable when playing the game of life.
  • This CTO has a controversial secret to insane growth beating out his competitors! 💥

Simply put, enable rebel executive leadership that challenges the C-Suite, management and underperforming employees. 😱 Keep stagnation at bay by having someone who’s smart, technology focused and empowered. 

Moral of the story? Disruption starts with the right people. A CTO who’s capable, focused on communication and empowered means faster results and better analytics. Don’t fear a powerful ally. Every rocket needs a catalyst! 🚀 Let your CTO be yours. #Leadership #ExecutiveCoaching #GrowthMindset
  • Xennials are the bridge builders between analog and digital eras. They are vital in maintaining the delicate harmony between tech evolution and human connection. Having them involved in your business could spell success. GenX respects them and GenZ holds them in high regard.  #XennialLeadership #TechBalance
  • Who’s balancing your technology vision? If they understand people as much as the tech, you’re in great hands!