The Ad Guys are Wrong! Less Targeting, More Bonding

“Advertising is all about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right audience.”

In 1980, it became evident that technology gave the ability for advertisers and brands to target audiences. Using technology, they’d greater their odds at being in the right place, at the right time. In the 80’s, targeted ad tech came in the form of cable television, time-targeting and sociodemographics. It was the worlds first experience with toy commercials playing on cartoon networks or jewelry ad’s running on soap operas. It was advertising’s first foray beyond innocence. Continue reading “The Ad Guys are Wrong! Less Targeting, More Bonding”

What Epic Leaders Don’t Want To Tell You…

A cardinal sin in management is thinking your leadership comes from your intelligence. Great people, in leadership roles, fall flat on their face because they think their education or experience will result in great leadership. This is furthest from the truth. Great leadership isn’t bound to smarts, salary or experience. Great leadership is a skill; and just like parenting, it can be learned and exercised. Continue reading “What Epic Leaders Don’t Want To Tell You…”

Empathy in a Digital Age

In world of Facebook feeds, Snapchats, big data and analytics, your needs are furthest from focus. Today’s technology has made humans more efficient than any living creator before us. We can communicate at the speed of light and share knowledge spanning generations. You’d think with all this processing power, we’d have the understanding and tools to empower anyone to realize success. Yet when you look around, all you’ll see is negativity, de-personalization and the stripping of everything that makes us human.

Continue reading “Empathy in a Digital Age”

Don’t Be Afraid

Amazing technology and services die in a basement or garage because people are afraid of presenting them. People are afraid of each other and rejection. Don’t be afraid! Get out there. Experience each other. Ask for help. You can do amazing things! #NoFear