Don’t Be Afraid

Amazing technology and services die in a basement or garage because people are afraid of presenting them. People are afraid of each other and rejection. Don’t be afraid! Get out there. Experience each other. Ask for help. You can do amazing things! #NoFear

State of the Net 2018

I’ve spoken to the some of the best and brightest in the connectivity market over the last quarter.  In hearing their ideas on trends, business opportunities and what clients are asking for; there is a clear direction the US is headed for over the next 3 years.  I will be writing about SD-WAN, CDN’s and MVNOs over the next few articles.  To understand each topic, you have to understand the state of the Internet as we head into 2018.  I’m putting forth my understanding of what’s happened over the last few years. I believe it spells out the culmination of a massive market shift of epic proportion.  Follow me down the rabbit hole… Continue reading “State of the Net 2018”

Bitcoin Plunges, Blockchain Suffers

Bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies, experienced colossal growth in late 2017.  As with any Cinderella story, rapid popularization made most investigate the technology behind Bitcoin.  Everyone was all about block-chain.  Like magic, this underrated methodology became the “thing” to talk about.  Everything from banking to analytics was being driven by block-chain, or so people marketed. Continue reading “Bitcoin Plunges, Blockchain Suffers”