Mill Point Capital Partners with Core Technology Solutions

8-1/2 years ago I started at CTS as a C-level executive. The company was scrappy, small, but tough…definitely poised for big things. I told the owners that my definition of success would be seeing them sell the business, getting interest from PE firms and eventually stock exchanges. Today was one of those milestones. I’ve aged. I feel like I’ve been through war. There’s been twists, turns, up’s and down’s…but there’s so much to show for it. We’re bigger, stronger and now have the backing to get to the final step. I want to see another company, under my shared leadership, go from startup to stock ticker. The real fun begins, and we’re going to see what we’re really capable of. I’ve been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved…keep a weathered eye on the horizon…you might just see the landscape shift.

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