Google Drive is not dead…ya’ll need Jesus…

All morning I see announcements that Google Drive is dead. It’s not dead! Come on tech blogs…find actual news. Google has announced it will be discontinuing it’s PC & Mac sync application and replacing it with a new app called Backup & Sync. That’s it. No cloud falling from the sky. No weather map with sections labeled “catastrophic”. No change to your daily life. Uninstall one app, install the other, same thing happens. 😳 Continue reading “Google Drive is not dead…ya’ll need Jesus…”

USB 3.1, USB-C, USB-PD, Thunderbolt 3…WTF?

We are officially in a world where USB is no longer Universal. Since the late 90’s, USB has been the gold standard in external device interconnect. It is as ubiquitous as blinking LED’s and computer monitors. It powers our phones, and connects our devices; it’s on our cameras and on our speakers. Even our car’s come with a USB port. USB has been our friend. Continue reading “USB 3.1, USB-C, USB-PD, Thunderbolt 3…WTF?”

This is why I can’t replace my laptop with my tablet…but I want to…so bad.

iPad Pro, Pixel C, Samsung Tab Pro, or the Surface Pro 4; all tablet’s that are gunning the future of mobile computing.  There’s no question that the general population wants to kill their laptops and be productive and ultra portable, simultaneously.  The other desire is to have a device that can be useful on sales meeting Wednesdays and couch lounging Sundays.  So why hasn’t this caught on?!  Continue reading “This is why I can’t replace my laptop with my tablet…but I want to…so bad.”