Why is my solution not scaling?

Do you sell a product, solution or software platform that runs unmanned in a public venue? Is the mission of your business to scale nationwide? If the answer is yes, you are also in the network business, and your future is ownership. Your business is not going to hit critical mass if you rely on a 3rd party or your customer for network connectivity and Internet access. Gone are the days of the shared enterprise connection. You’re living on sandy beaches if you think someone else will provide the backbone for your product or service. Continue reading “Why is my solution not scaling?”

13 Bad Practices That Create IT Bottlenecks

Far too often, the workflow is overlooked in an organization. Following the flow of information from the beginning to the end leads to understanding where complexities are hiding and where bottlenecks in process and access live. IT folks either create bottlenecks in this workflow because of ignorance or reduce bottlenecks because they focus on workflow and how to simplify it for each business unit.

~ Tom Roberto


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15 Tips For Tracking And Correcting Your Company’s Tech Issues And Bugs

I’m a huge proponent of using Kanban boards to track active development efforts. They are clean, effective and allow for easy tracking of bugs and responsibilities. Beyond development, project tracking and ticketing systems like Jira or OTRS are must-haves. Ticketing issues and having a process is key to ensuring problems and bugs are addressed. Anything with reporting helps long term.

~ Tom Roberto


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The Charismatic Leader isn’t the most Sympathetic

Charisma is a powerful thing. It’s been described as someone who possesses a virtue that sets them apart; someone who is treated as endowed with specifically exceptional powers or qualities. Today charismatic leadership is sought after to challenge the traditional bureaucracy within an organization. Transformative moments in business will typically come from the charismatic, and not from those appointed to positions of leadership.

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What Epic Leaders Don’t Want To Tell You…

A cardinal sin in management is thinking your leadership comes from your intelligence. Great people, in leadership roles, fall flat on their face because they think their education or experience will result in great leadership. This is furthest from the truth. Great leadership isn’t bound to smarts, salary or experience. Great leadership is a skill; and just like parenting, it can be learned and exercised. Continue reading “What Epic Leaders Don’t Want To Tell You…”