Why is my solution not scaling?

Do you sell a product, solution or software platform that runs unmanned in a public venue? Is the mission of your business to scale nationwide? If the answer is yes, you are also in the network business, and your future is ownership. Your business is not going to hit critical mass if you rely on a 3rd party or your customer for network connectivity and Internet access. Gone are the days of the shared enterprise connection. You’re living on sandy beaches if you think someone else will provide the backbone for your product or service. Continue reading “Why is my solution not scaling?”

The World Missed Out on What Facebook Could Have Been

Like it or hate it, Facebook changed the world forever.  Online communications and the social media revolution was built upon the foundation that Facebook laid.  Unfortunately business also changed in 2004.  The idea around venture capital, IPO’s, and the forever funded enterprise was solidified.  We were robbed of what Facebook could have been.  The tech bubble, silicon valley economics and an introverted college student drove fame and fortune over a generational legacy; and we were left with what we have today. Continue reading “The World Missed Out on What Facebook Could Have Been”

We Don’t Need No, Net Neutrality

That’s right. I’ve debated posting this article for a few weeks now. I know there will be a flurry of negative and opposing sides to this argument. That said, my resolve is strong. As a technologist, I don’t want my government involved with my Internet. In fact, I don’t want any government involved in my Internet. This is what makes America great! The lack of government involvement. Freedom. Choice. Free market economy. I’m not afraid of capitalism and all its underbelly. Raw capitalism and democracy is dirty. It’s a filthy system that has outright frightening components to it. Inside this Pandora’s Box of fear and loathing is something called competition. It’s the competition that will save us. It’s also what our news agencies are forgetting to highlight. Continue reading “We Don’t Need No, Net Neutrality”