Like Food, You Need To Know About Batteries

You…consume…batteries. To a person in the 21st century, batteries are no less consumable than milk or bread. They fuel your phone, watch, toys and TV. They are so ubiquitous in every part of life, you wouldn’t be able to get home nor call your kids. Batteries are everywhere. And just like debates on GMO, gluten and grass fed beef…you should know about the batteries that feed your life. Continue reading “Like Food, You Need To Know About Batteries”

Pay Goes Where?!

I’ve been following mobile payment such as Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay for years. My interest goes all the way back to Google Wallet and Venmo. It’s been a topic of conversation for retailers for years. At work, I’ve been doing nonstop integrations to allow payment bridge companies to adopt EMV (Chip-And-Pin). While new and noteworthy, it seemed like a gimmick. I never really used it. It felt like a dodge compared to a useful feature-set. Then last week happened… Continue reading “Pay Goes Where?!”

The Technology Divide

While everyone looks to the horizon for the next big bubble, There’s a monumental divide that is forming within the PC, mobile and companion verticals. At first, it started small…like a fracture on the side of a mountain; but it’s continued to spread. It deepens month-by-month. Most recently, I’ve noticed this chasm expand to completely break certain products onto their own island. Like the moving tectonic plates of Earth, the technology world is shifting underneath our feet… Continue reading “The Technology Divide”

Fear of Innovation.

I love technology. It is the one true passion of my life. I work with it. I fight for it. I do what is necessary to seek out and learn everything there is to know about it. While I, like many others, might have preferences; I’ll always admit that for one company to succeed another does not have to lose. It is not Android vs. iOS for me. It is not Windows vs. MacOS. This is not an Apple vs. Samsung post. Continue reading “Fear of Innovation.”

This is why I can’t replace my laptop with my tablet…but I want to…so bad.

iPad Pro, Pixel C, Samsung Tab Pro, or the Surface Pro 4; all tablet’s that are gunning the future of mobile computing.  There’s no question that the general population wants to kill their laptops and be productive and ultra portable, simultaneously.  The other desire is to have a device that can be useful on sales meeting Wednesdays and couch lounging Sundays.  So why hasn’t this caught on?!  Continue reading “This is why I can’t replace my laptop with my tablet…but I want to…so bad.”

Why You’re Bored With Your Smartphone

The mobile technology landscape has gone through an incredible metamorphosis over the last 18 months.  What use to be fun experiments and scientific marvels have become the defacto in personal computing.   With the advents of Microsoft Surface, iPhone and Google Nexus, we are truly in a world where the PC is no longer our digital hub.  This has been amplified by the ferocious success of Office365 and services like Dropbox.  Amazon has even allowed serious enterprise to rely on cloud computing for hosting and services.   Continue reading “Why You’re Bored With Your Smartphone”

Apps for Hyper-Personalization

There is a cold hard truth that marketers and youth play a never-ending game of cat and mouse. Advertisers and teens go together like oil and water! Technology has only made the situation worse. With the adoption of mobile technologies, wearables and internet presence…the youth in America have more options than ever to evade even the the most astute executives. Broadcast is dying. Print is dead. Where are they hiding?! Continue reading “Apps for Hyper-Personalization”