AI-Powered Staffing: Balancing Innovation With Values

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Avast Patch Management is Lying to You. They Have a Moral Obligation to Pull it From Shelves! You Could Be Exposed.

On June 24th I logged in to my Avast Business Console to check company-wide defenses. As a customer of Avast Business Antivirus, I rely on them for securing my endpoints and giving me a console of actionable items to rectify, ensuring corporate-wide security. To my shock, every machine in my network was reporting “In Danger” in big red letters. Seeing this kind of thing instills fear into the general population and to anyone in my position. Avast has a moral responsibility to secure business machines, and offer products that reliably protect. While still a business, they have a greater need to be truthful, transparent, and steadfast. When you see something like this, coming from them, you should emotionally react. Continue reading “Avast Patch Management is Lying to You. They Have a Moral Obligation to Pull it From Shelves! You Could Be Exposed.”

The World Missed Out on What Facebook Could Have Been

Like it or hate it, Facebook changed the world forever.  Online communications and the social media revolution was built upon the foundation that Facebook laid.  Unfortunately business also changed in 2004.  The idea around venture capital, IPO’s, and the forever funded enterprise was solidified.  We were robbed of what Facebook could have been.  The tech bubble, silicon valley economics and an introverted college student drove fame and fortune over a generational legacy; and we were left with what we have today. Continue reading “The World Missed Out on What Facebook Could Have Been”

Bitcoin Plunges, Blockchain Suffers

Bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies, experienced colossal growth in late 2017.  As with any Cinderella story, rapid popularization made most investigate the technology behind Bitcoin.  Everyone was all about block-chain.  Like magic, this underrated methodology became the “thing” to talk about.  Everything from banking to analytics was being driven by block-chain, or so people marketed. Continue reading “Bitcoin Plunges, Blockchain Suffers”

Google Drive is not dead…ya’ll need Jesus…

All morning I see announcements that Google Drive is dead. It’s not dead! Come on tech blogs…find actual news. Google has announced it will be discontinuing it’s PC & Mac sync application and replacing it with a new app called Backup & Sync. That’s it. No cloud falling from the sky. No weather map with sections labeled “catastrophic”. No change to your daily life. Uninstall one app, install the other, same thing happens. 😳 Continue reading “Google Drive is not dead…ya’ll need Jesus…”

Apps for Hyper-Personalization

There is a cold hard truth that marketers and youth play a never-ending game of cat and mouse. Advertisers and teens go together like oil and water! Technology has only made the situation worse. With the adoption of mobile technologies, wearables and internet presence…the youth in America have more options than ever to evade even the the most astute executives. Broadcast is dying. Print is dead. Where are they hiding?! Continue reading “Apps for Hyper-Personalization”