Ransomware Attacks: 20 Essential Considerations For Prep And Response

“ Establishing risk management processes is often overlooked. Having a workflow everyone—including members of the C-suite—is trained on helps limit the complexities of ransomware attacks. When you’re attacked, it’s all about time, limitation and response. Too often, the process takes too long, with not enough limits and either an overreaction or underreaction to the situation. […]


14 Expert Tips For Choosing A Secure Messaging App

“ Look for open-source and end-to-end encryption. The most popular options are Signal and Wickr. I prefer Wickr because of the company’s mission statement and longevity in the space. Knowing that the source can be independently reviewed is massively important. It’s also important that the end-to-end encryption is designed in a way that makes use […]


Assure Your Customers Their Data Is Secure With These Six Best Practices

“ Client data is the most precious thing we handle day-to-day. In recent months we’ve migrated to using stronger encryption and password requirements as well as updating all SSL certificates. We’ve also enabled multi-factor authentication on every service that offers this. Protecting data goes beyond access. We’ve started “whitewashing” confidential info so that it is […]