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Nine Things That Are Poised To Impact Cybersecurity

“ With the rise in popularity of blockchain and decentralized networking, security concerns need to be rethought. It’s true that these technologies decrease centralized attacks, like DDoS. They also essentially eliminate data tampering. That said, the next big security task is protecting data in decentralized environments. The enterprise will no longer own the hardware layer. ~ […]


Seven Affordable Ways To Incorporate Machine Learning And AI Into Your Business

“ Artificial intelligence is far broader than what people typically think of when they hear AI. Analytics engines are a gateway true business AI. If you’re trying to get into AI without investing heavily in machine learning, analytics software will help get your business intelligence at a bargain price. ~ Tom Roberto   ” See the full article here, on Forbes.


Eight Methods Tech Executives Can Use To Improve Their Success

“ 2018 is presenting itself as a transformative year in technology. 5G cellular services, software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN), artificial intelligence and more advanced data mining are all finding their way into U.S. enterprise. This means accelerated growth in disruptive technologies, and less focus on tried and true methods. For tech executives, this means preparing for what’s to […]