The World Missed Out on What Facebook Could Have Been

Like it or hate it, Facebook changed the world forever.  Online communications and the social media revolution was built upon the foundation that Facebook laid.  Unfortunately business also changed in 2004.  The idea around venture capital, IPO’s, and the forever funded enterprise was solidified.  We were robbed of what Facebook could have been.  The tech bubble, silicon valley economics and an introverted college student drove fame and fortune over a generational legacy; and we were left with what we have today. Continue reading “The World Missed Out on What Facebook Could Have Been”

10 Possible Impacts Of The Facebook Privacy Scandal

Seeing Facebook in the news will facilitate conversation around the company’s leadership, business practices and what privacy in 2018 really means. While this is all positive, it is up to the public to instigate change. If people leave the platform or demand action, that will compel others to act. The FTC’s investigation will only force deeper cloaking for others. Hiding is a lot easier than changing.

~ Tom Roberto


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