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16 Innovative Potential (And Current) Applications For The Metaverse

“ The concept of the metaverse can be utilized in politics to enhance engagement, transparency and accessibility. Political campaigns and discussions can take place in virtual environments, allowing for wider participation and interactive experiences. Virtual town halls, debates and meetings can be conducted, reaching a larger audience. ~ Tom Roberto   ” See the full […]


14 Ways To Protect Your Key Data (Without Buying More Software)

“ With services such as Salesforce, Microsoft Azure and G-Suite, companies should pay specific attention to optional feature-sets. Multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and validation rules are all free features you can enable to help secure access and data storage. Today’s cloud services make security very easy, but your deployment needs to be investigated to ensure you’re […]


Assure Your Customers Their Data Is Secure With These Six Best Practices

“ Client data is the most precious thing we handle day-to-day. In recent months we’ve migrated to using stronger encryption and password requirements as well as updating all SSL certificates. We’ve also enabled multi-factor authentication on every service that offers this. Protecting data goes beyond access. We’ve started “whitewashing” confidential info so that it is […]