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16 Innovative Potential (And Current) Applications For The Metaverse

“ The concept of the metaverse can be utilized in politics to enhance engagement, transparency and accessibility. Political campaigns and discussions can take place in virtual environments, allowing for wider participation and interactive experiences. Virtual town halls, debates and meetings can be conducted, reaching a larger audience. ~ Tom Roberto   ” See the full […]


16 Effective Ways To Turn An SLA Strategy Into An XLA Strategy

“ Nothing is more important than the human experience—HX—of a project. When problems occur, end users don’t care about downtime, the reasons for failure or the loopholes every service contract inherently carries. If you focus on the experience of failure, you’ll find that uptime is the least important aspect. It’s all about recovery. Creative methods […]


16 Industry Experts Discuss Tech Developments They Say Truly Promote The Greater Good

“ Wireless mesh products allow for peer-to-peer, off-grid communications. They empower everyday users to operate in harsh environments and in worst-case scenarios. With everything going on in the world, communication and connection could mean the difference between life and death. That kind of tech shouldn’t be reserved for governments and enterprises—everyday users need access to […]


13 Ways Any Business Can Start Leveraging IoT

“ Simple building management remains the cornerstone in any IoT deployment. Think thermostats, shades, lights and access control. IoT is a fabric of different technologies that all pivot on the building maintenance system initially deployed. If you can elate people with simple things like easy access, comfort and savings, everything else becomes an additional value […]